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The Business of Health Care Delivery

This article appeared in Komaza Issue 5, Winter 2010. How can business skills and systems thinking help deliver better health care to underserved communities? The Muthaiga Pediatric Clinic was having trouble dealing with the number of patients coming through its doors. Appointments were backing up and children (and their parents) were spending too long waiting … Continue reading

Entrepreneurs for Development

This article appeared in Komaza Issue 4, Fall 2010. Shayna Harris and Dennis Szeszko are both current Legatum Fellows and second year students in the Sloan School of Management’s MBA program. Shayna Harris Shayna Harris seems to overflow with energy and enthusiasm, especially when talking about the role of agricultural trade in development. To ask … Continue reading

The Global Village Project

This article appeared in Komaza Issue 4, Fall 2010. The School of Engineering’s new initiative, the Global Village Project, was motivated by one of the biggest challenges in any development undertaking: project continuity. Rarely does a project succeed without sustained effort on behalf of the partners both in the local community and at MIT. But … Continue reading

Making Money From Waste

This article appeared in Komaza Issue 3, Spring 2010. More than 40% of the world’s population – about 2.6 billion people – does not have access to basic sanitation. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, if current trends continue, the Millennium Development Goal’s sanitation target will be missed by more than half a … Continue reading