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Wading into the Fire, Episode 10: Risk and uncertainty

Happy belated solstice, dear readers. We’re officially in full-blown summer here in Columbus, with days that are sunny until after 9 pm and skies so moist that they’re hazy. Work breaks spent running around outside with the puppy now end with puppy and me collapsed in a panting heap, one of us sweating profusely and … Continue reading

Wading into the Fire, Episode 9: Parameterization schemes

Saddle up, buckle your seatbelts and gird your loins, dear readers, because this week we’re continuing our discussion of climate model parameterizations, as promised. I’m diving straight in because there’s really no way to sugar coat this stuff. (Also, my puppy is driving me insane with her persistent requests to play outside in the gorgeous summer sunshine, … Continue reading

Wading into the Fire, Episode 8: What climate science has taught me

If it wasn’t official before, it is now: I have a copy of my PhD diploma in my hot not-so-little hands.  Cue the trumpets and flute-playing cherubs! (Everyone celebrates with flute-playing cherubs, right?) Last week, I flew to Boston to join in the fun and shenanigans of commencement. (Which is why I missed another post … Continue reading