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The tangled web of scientific responsibility

When I was doing my PhD, I spent a great deal of time thinking about the reasons why I was pursuing a particular line of research. Between personal existential crises and a demanding thesis committee, a PhD candidate must always be able to explain why a specific scientific question is worth her time. To me, … Continue reading

Weekend Reading

Happy weekend, dear readers. I hope there is sunshine and friends and relaxation in your near future. The recent combination of being sick, getting ridiculously injured (last week I tore a muscle in my rib cage from coughing too much, which would be hilarious if it weren’t so painful), and trying to catch up on … Continue reading

Things you can learn at a TEDx event

Within the next 20-40 years, scientists predict that we will be able to determine the presence of biological life on other planets. Last year, a neurological pacemaker (a device implanted in the brain that provides targeted electrical stimulation) was put into a person suffering from Alzheimer’s for the first time. Solar-powered street lights can completely … Continue reading


Friday is upon us, dear readers, which means it’s time for a little something fun. I’m posting this a little earlier than usual since I’ll be spending all day tomorrow at TEDxColumbus. It will be my first ever TED / TEDx event and I’m super excited for some sure-to-be delightful, surprising talks and conversations with … Continue reading